Car Storage in Dublin

Car Storage Dublin: 6 Exciting Options For your Storage Needs

Dublin, the bustling capital of Ireland, is known for its rich history and vibrant culture and its ever-evolving urban landscape. As the city grows, so does the need for efficient car storage solutions. Whether you’re a resident planning an extended holiday or a car enthusiast with a prized possession, understanding the nuances of car storage in Dublin is crucial.

Why Car Storage is Crucial 

The Impact of Changing Seasons on Vehicles

In Dublin’s temperate maritime climate, vehicles are subjected to a gamut of conditions: from wet, mild winters to cool summers. Such variability poses challenges, including the risk of rust due to prolonged moisture exposure and the potential for exterior damage from summer heat or falling debris during storms. Car storage emerges as a crucial consideration not just for maintaining the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle but also for protecting its functionality and longevity against the adverse effects of Dublin’s fluctuating weather patterns.

The Importance of Vehicle Safekeeping During Extended Absences

Whether you’re a Dubliner planning a sabbatical or a student returning home for the holidays, leaving your car unattended for extended periods can be risky. Vandalism, theft, or simply the wear and tear from the elements can lead to unnecessary expenses upon your return.

Choosing the Right Car Storage Facility in Dublin

Location and Accessibility

The convenience of a car storage facility’s location cannot be overstated. Facilities situated near major thoroughfares offer the dual benefits of easy drop-off and retrieval, ensuring that accessing your vehicle, whether for a spontaneous weekend getaway or upon returning from travels, is hassle-free. This strategic placement saves time and avoids the complications of navigating through congested city traffic or remote areas.

Security Measures 

Security is a cornerstone of quality car storage. Facilities equipped with state-of-the-art security features, including 24/7 CCTV surveillance, secure perimeter fencing, and on-site security personnel, provide vehicle owners with peace of mind. These measures protect against theft, vandalism, and unauthorised access, ensuring that your car remains exactly as you left it.

Cost Implications

While the spectrum of car storage costs in Dublin varies, from budget-friendly to premium options, the decision should balance affordability with service quality. It’s essential to assess what services and protections are provided against the cost, aiming for a solution that offers comprehensive care for your vehicle without overextending your budget. Quality car storage is an investment in your vehicle’s longevity and security, warranting careful consideration of these key factors to select a facility that meets your specific needs.

Preparing Your Car for Storage

Cleaning and Maintenance 

Exterior and Interior Cleaning: Begin with a comprehensive wash of your vehicle’s exterior. This step is not just about maintaining appearances; it helps prevent paint damage and rust. Pay special attention to removing any sap, bird droppings, or salt residue, which can corrode the paint over time. For the interior, vacuum thoroughly and clean all surfaces. This reduces the risk of mould growth and deters pests from making your vehicle their home during its storage period.

Engine and Component Check: Perform a routine check of the engine and other components. Ensure that all fluids are at their recommended levels and consider changing the oil. This prevents contaminants from settling and causing engine issues down the line.

Battery and Fuel Considerations 

Battery Maintenance: For long-term storage, the battery presents a unique challenge. To avoid coming back to a dead battery, you have a couple of options. The simplest is to disconnect the battery, which will prevent it from slowly draining over time. Alternatively, you can connect it to a battery maintainer that keeps it charged without overcharging, ideal for keeping the battery in good health over extended periods.

Fuel Tank: Filling your car’s fuel tank is advisable before storage. A full tank leaves less room for air, which carries moisture that can condense and lead to rust inside the tank. Additionally, adding a fuel stabiliser can help prevent the fuel from degrading over time, ensuring your car starts smoothly when you’re ready to use it again.

Car Storage Units in Dublin

Below are some of the best car storage units in Dublin:

Classic Car Storage

Classic Car Storage Dublin
  • Location: Conveniently located between the Dundrum and Knocklyon M50 exits.
  • Features:
    • Premier custom-built storage facility for classic cars.
    • Personal roller shutter for easy access.
    • Double skin insulated roofs to prevent moisture build-up and condensation.
    • Access to the vehicle anytime.

North East Car

North East Car Storage
  • Location: North County Meath, less than an hour from Dublin or Belfast.
  • Features:
    • Safe and secure vehicle storage.
    • Double skin insulated roofs for moisture prevention.
    • 24/7 access to the vehicle upon a simple phone call.
    • Electric gate access and constant monitoring.
    • Additional services like oil & water check, vehicle run, car collection & delivery.

TITAN Containers Car

  • Features:
    • Offers container storage solutions for cars, vehicles, or boats.
    • Provides ramps for easy storage.

TITAN Containers Car Storage

This was great storage company and the location was perfect. The units were very clean and sealed to prevent any moisture from getting inside. Access was very easy and convenient. Would recommend to anyone looking for a safe and secure location to store your possessions.

Tony B

Deane Motors Car

  • Location: Harold’s Cross Road, Dublin 6.
  • Features:
    • Located in a private, secure location.
    • 24/7 CCTV monitoring.
    • Condition reports upon check-in.
    • Additional services like valeting, servicing, diagnostics, and after-hours opening.

Graham Walker Cars

Graham Walker Cars Storage
  • Location: Harold’s Cross Road, Dublin 6.
  • Features:
    • Suitable for storing cars, caravans, building materials, machinery, and more.
    • Half of the yard is roofed with a clearance of 2.6 metres/8.5 feet.
    • 24/7 CCTV in operation.
    • Forklift service and office space available.

Newgrange Storage

Newgrange Storage Facilities
  • Features:
    • Offers both outdoor and indoor storage spaces.
    • Suitable for cars, caravans, motorhomes, building materials, containers, scaffolding, cranes, machinery, lorries, and more.
    • Dry and insulated indoor storage spaces for small boats, jet skis, motorbikes, vans, jeeps, cars, and vintage cars.
    • 24-hour CCTV and fob operated gates and barriers.

Been keeping stuff here for years. Household and vehicles of various types.
Henry is the owner, so sound and easy going.

Ruairi C

Final Thoughts

Car storage in Dublin is more than just a luxury; it’s necessary for many. Whether safeguarding a vintage beauty or ensuring your daily drive is ready for action upon your return, choosing the right storage solution is crucial. With the right preparation and research, you can find the perfect spot for your vehicle, giving you peace of mind during your travels.

Car Storage Dublin FAQs 

Is it safe to store my car for over a year?

With proper preparation and choosing a suitable storage facility, storing your car for extended periods is safe.

Do I need to start my car periodically during storage?

Starting your car every few weeks is advisable to keep the battery charged and the engine lubricated.

Can I store my electric vehicle in the same way as a regular car?

Electric vehicles have specific storage requirements, especially concerning battery care. It’s best to consult the vehicle’s manual or a professional.

Are there any legal implications for storing my car for long periods in Dublin?

As long as the vehicle is stored in a legal facility and has the necessary permissions, there shouldn’t be any legal issues.

What’s the average cost of car storage in Dublin?

The cost varies based on the facility and services offered. You can expect to pay between €50 to €500 a month.