9 Best Car Valets in Cork

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Ensuring your car is impeccably maintained not only preserves its longevity but also enhances its value. In Cork, a city celebrated for its commitment to quality and efficiency, locating a dependable car valet service is key to keeping your vehicle in pristine condition. This guide aims to assist you in this endeavor, presenting a carefully selected array of top-tier car valet services within the city. Whether you require a comprehensive interior deep-clean or a meticulous exterior wax and polish, these Cork-based valet services are skilled in rejuvenating your car to its finest state.

Without further ado, here is our roundup of Cork’s premier car valets:

1. Aqua Valet Cork

Services: Aqua Valet Cork offers a range of valet packages, starting from a basic exterior car wash to a comprehensive valet service which includes a variety of features such as hand wash, gloss finish, tyre dressing, interior vacuuming, window cleaning, hand wax and buff, shampooing of seats and mats, and leather upholstery cleaning and dressing. They also offer a special Valet 6 package which includes a pick-up and drop-off service for Cork City residents.

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Pricing: The prices for their packages are as follows:

  • Exterior Car Wash: €10 – €12
  • Valet 1: €25 – €35
  • Valet 2: €35 – €45
  • Valet 3: €50 – €60
  • Valet 4: €75 – €90
  • Valet 5: €100 – €120
  • Valet 6 (Pickup): €120 – €140

Customer Reviews

I have used the guys at Aquavalet many times and they have always done an excellent job on my car. I would highly recommend them they are very professional and friendly and their attention to detail is excellent. I’ve used different valeting companies in the past but they are the best. – Rosario

Excellent 5 star service. I needed to sell my car and they did an amazing job couldn’t get over the results! My car looked better than new and it sold it straight away. Brilliant! Would highly recommend! – Louise

I just got my car back from valet at Aqua and all i can say is 5 stars. This is definitely one of best valets i had so far. Car is cleaned to showroom standards and recommending this service to everyone. Im for sute that this will be only valet company i will visit from now on. Well done – Igo

2. Crystal Valet Cork

Services Offered:

  • Full Car Valeting: Comprehensive cleaning of your car’s exterior and interior, including mirror finishing to give your car a new, shiny look.
  • Interior Car Valet: Focused on the interior of your vehicle, ensuring it looks and smells fresh. This service includes interior hygiene and removal of all dirt and trash.
  • Why Choose Crystal Valet Cork?
    • Safe Techniques: They use safe washing techniques that won’t damage your vehicle’s interior or exterior.
    • Affordable: Competitive pricing suitable for all types of vehicles.
    • Customer-Centric Approach: They prioritise customer service and have experienced, professional agents.

Customer Reviews

Crystal Valet, Grand Parade, Cork worked wonders on my car. The leather seats in particular look like new again having been badly scuffed by our 2 dogs. I highly recommend them for their courtesy, efficiency and attention to detail. – Ann

Brilliant service the lads are lovely in there and being in the trade my car was filthy and I don’t know how but they managed to completely transformed it into a new looking car. Highly recommended. – Nathan

I used Crystal Valet service while in Cork for the day on Wednesday 10th August, it was a fantastic service. The guys were so obliging and did a great job on the inside and outside of my car. I would highly recommend their service and will be back again when in Cork. Thank you, regards Katrina – Katrina

3. Top Wash

  • Website: Top Wash
  • Contact: Mobile 0862101116
  • Email: corkwebpunt@yahoo.com
  • Location: Donnybrook Commercial Centre, Douglas, Cork, T12X 3XH, Ireland

Services Offered:

  • Hand Car Wash: €9 (Jeep or MPV €14) – Includes hand wash with Autoglym shampoo, rinse, towel dry, wheel cleaning, and door shuts cleaning.
  • Valet 1: Car €20 (Jeep or MPV €25) – Basic cleaning services including hand wash, interior vacuum, and tyre dressing.
  • Valet 2: €35 (Jeep or MPV €45) – Extended cleaning services including dashboard dressing, glass polishing, and odour elimination.
  • Valet 3: €50 (Jeep or MPV €70) – Includes hand wax and polish of exterior bodywork.
  • Valet 4: €90 (Jeep or MPV €120) – Comprehensive cleaning with upholstery shampooing and waxing.
  • Top Valet: €120 (Jeep or MPV €150) – Premium service with complete cleaning, waxing, and upholstery treatment.
  • Interior Shampoo: €60 (Jeep or MPV €80)
  • Leather Wash & Treatment: €35
  • Wax & Polishing: €30
  • Engine Clean: €25
polish car

About: Top Wash is dedicated to providing professional car wash and valeting services using state-of-the-art equipment. They have over 10 years of experience in the industry and prioritise customer satisfaction.

Customer Reviews

Excellent work. Seats were stained after the car was broken into, came out spotless after a very reasonably priced shampoo. Car was like new after the valet, even managed to get all the dog hair out of the boot/top of back seats. Will recommend to family and friends, and will be back. – Sean

Good car valeting service, really I was scared when they called me and asked about spare car key because they locked original key in the car, I was afraid there can be a problem to unlock my car, but everything was OK. Car is cleaned perfectly inside and outside, thank you. – Alojzy

Unbelievable, really good. – Bryan

4. Auto Spa

  • Website: Auto Spa
  • Contact: 021 4289 222

Services Offered:

  • Car Wash: Emphasizes the importance of frequent washing to maintain a car’s finish. They offer a detailed car wash service to ensure the car’s exterior is spotless.
  • Interior Valet: Highlights the significance of keeping the car’s interior clean. Regular cleaning can have many benefits, ensuring the interior remains fresh and pleasant.
  • Paint Correction: This service aims to restore the car’s paint to its original glory, which can also enhance its potential resale value.
  • Paint Protection Packages: Includes various methods such as waxing, coating, and sealing to ensure the car’s paint remains protected and retains its shine.

Why Choose Auto Spa?

  • Value for Money: They offer competitive pricing for their services.
  • Experience: Over 10 years in the business.
  • Location: Conveniently situated behind MD O’Shea’s in Ballincollig.
  • Staff: Honest and experienced staff members.
  • Customer Service: They prioritize quick turnarounds and excellent customer service.
  • Collection Service: They provide a vehicle collection service for added convenience.
  • Security: 24-hour CCTV monitoring to ensure the safety of vehicles at all times.

Customer Reviews

I was a straight road carwash customer for years but disappointed with the drop off in standards and attitude recently. Decided to give Auto-Spa a twirl last week and was delighted with the results. Always good sign to see the owner of a business on the ground to oversee the work and ensure quality control. Kevin and his team removed fingerprints from my boot (by polishing) which were bugging me for a while. They did a fantastic job on my car and it never looked better. You can tell they take pride in their work which is key. I will be back. – Seamus

Personally 5 stars are not enough for this company, the service and attention to detail is second to none, we have been customers of Auto Spa for many many years, we have had everything from weekly car washes to full valets and scratch removal over the years and we have been delighted with every service. Kevin and his staff are fantastic to deal and provide a great, reasonable service. Would highly recommend them. – Kim

The team here do a great job on the car and the wash and wax definitely lasts longer and keeps it cleaner than a normal wash. – Stephen

5. Glanmire Valeting

Services Offered:

  • Midi Valet: Hand Wash, Leather Dry, Tyre Polish, Vacuum & Boot, Windows (inside and out), Full Interior clean and polish of all vinyls & plastics, Dashboard & Doors, Mats, Dashboard & Interior, Tyre & Wheel Clean. (Duration: 3 hours)
  • Full Valet & Wax: Comprehensive cleaning with waxing. (Duration: 2 hours)
  • Hand Wash: Basic hand wash with options for Dry, Vacuum, and Wax.
  • Mini Valet: Hand Wash, Chamois Dry, Vacuum & Boot, Dashboard & Door Ledge Clean, Tyre & Wheel Clean. (Duration: 2 hours)
  • Full Valet: Comprehensive cleaning without waxing. (Duration: 4 hours)
  • The Works: Wax & Buff, Tar & Bug Removal, Scratch Treatment, Engine Wash, Vinyl Mats washed.
  • Van Wash: Professional van washing service.
van wash

About: Established in 2013, Glanmire Valeting has been servicing the local area and Cork city suburbs. They pride themselves on delivering quality car valeting services at affordable prices. Their trained valeters are car enthusiasts who use effective cleaning and polishing methods to achieve the best results. They have expanded their business over the years to cater to various businesses in Cork, ensuring their fleet vehicles remain in top condition.

Customer Reviews

I had a full valet by Jason in Monaghan road. Brilliant job, friendly service. Would definitely recommend – Catherine

5 Star local service. Delighted with the job done. Thank you guys, much appreciated. – Tina

Great crew who turn your wheels in a sparkling prize again. Always willing and able to please. – Sean

6. Driven By detail

Website:Driven by Detail

Driven by Detail offers mobile car valeting in Cork, bringing their services directly to your home or workplace. They emphasise the convenience of their service, allowing customers to have their cars cleaned without the hassle of traveling or waiting.

Services Offered:

  • Full Valet: A comprehensive service that includes both interior and exterior cleaning. Prices start from €130.
  • Interior Valet: Focused solely on the interior of the car. Prices start from €100.
  • Maintenance Valet (Exclusive Service): Ideal for those who want regular cleaning for both the interior and exterior of their car. Prices start from €100.


  • Convenience of having the car cleaned at your own home.
  • Saves time by eliminating the need to travel or wait in queues.
  • Ensures a fresh, clean, showroom-worthy finish.

Coverage Area: They offer mobile car valeting in Cork City, Ballincollig, Glanmire, Carrigaline, Cobh, and Carrigtwohill.

Requirements: Access to a power socket and a tap.

Note: Prices mentioned are a guide and may vary based on the size and condition of the vehicle.

Customer Reviews

We bought a car that needed an intensive amount of cleaning attention, and John worked his magic. He spent the whole day cleaning, scrubbing, sanitising and disinfecting our car with a fine-toothed comb! His attention to detail and complete commitment to a professional job went beyond the call of duty. I highly recommend him to transform your car and make it feel as if you bought it brand new! Thank you, John, for a job truly well done! – Jannet

John done a fantastic job on my car both inside and out. He is meticulous. I would highly recommend him and cannot fault his work. – Tim

John did a superb job valeting my car to prepare it for sale. He went the extra mile in terms of time and attention to detail to ensure I, as the customer, was fully satisfied. – Walter

7. Victoria Cross Car Valeting

Victoria Cross Car Valeting is located at Victoria Cross Wilton Road in Cork. They offer a range of luxury valet and cleaning services, ensuring that taking care of your car is a hassle-free experience. Their services include detailing, washing, waxing, and polishing, aiming to provide top-quality results for their customers.

Customer Reviews

Dropped my car off and it was ready at collection time. Car was brand new, never seen it so clean. Highly recommend – Brian

Guy was friendly easy to deal with and reasonable price. I once had a really awful smell in my car from a spilled coffee, I looked around different valeting services and this one got me because it was for a really good price and he explained in detail everything that he was going to do to get rid of the smell. Highly recommended. – Febz

Excellent service, great value for money, and very friendly guys here. Can’t say e

8. Elite Valeting Cork

NCT / Standard Valet offers a comprehensive exterior cleaning service, including a lower body and door shut treatment using traffic film remover, a pre-wash, hand wash, and chamois drying. The interior is thoroughly vacuumed, including the boot area, and the dashboard, centre console, door ledges, and all facias are cleaned and polished. All glass and mirrors are cleaned both inside and out. This service is priced at €60.00 for a car and €70.00 for an MPV or Jeep.

Interior Valet provides an in-depth cleaning of the vehicle’s interior. It includes a full vacuuming of the interior, including the boot, and shampooing of all seats and carpets with a water extraction machine. All interior surfaces are cleaned and dressed, and the interior glass and mirrors are cleaned. The cost for this service is €90.00 for a car and €110.00 for an MPV or Jeep.

Full Deluxe Valet combines the services of the NCT/Standard Valet and the Interior Valet. It adds additional treatments such as tar spot removal and a hand wax and buff. This comprehensive package is priced at €120.00 for a car and €150.00 for an MPV or Jeep, offering a complete cleaning solution for both the interior and exterior of the vehicle.

Customer Reviews

Foster was a gentleman to deal with, arrived when he said he would and cleaned my wife’s car to a standard I’ve never seen anything like it, it’s like new. Will be recommending Elite Car Valeting from now on, thanks Foster for an incredible job 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

100% the best valet service we’ve ever had . The cars haven t looked so good inside or out since new. Amazed and delighted with the result!

Foster always does a really fantastic job, he did my daughters car, a standard valet and a full interior valet on mine. Being the owners of dogs the cars really needed a good clean and Foster surpassed all my expectations. A wonderful job, the inside of my car is like new .Really pleased and would highly recommend.

Our Thoughts on Cork’s Car Valeting Services

As we wrap up our deep dive of Cork Car Valets, it’s evident that Cork boasts a range of options for those seeking care for their vehicles. Each service provider brings its unique touch, ensuring that residents and visitors alike have access to top-notch car care. Whether you’re looking for a quick wash or a comprehensive detailing, Cork’s valeting services cater to every need. Remember, regular maintenance not only enhances your car’s appearance but also prolongs its lifespan. So, the next time your vehicle needs a little TLC, you know where to turn. Safe driving and enjoy the shine!

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Car Valet Cork FAQs

How often should I have my car valeted?

For maintaining a pristine condition, it’s recommended to have a full valet service at least twice a year. However, if you frequently use your car in environments that lead to more dirt accumulation or wear, you might opt for quarterly valet services.

Can I specify particular areas for attention during the valet service?

Yes. Most valet services in Cork are flexible and cater to specific customer needs. If certain areas of your car require extra attention, you can request this at the time of booking.

Is it possible to have my car valeted at my home or office in Cork?

Yes, several car valet services in Cork offer mobile valeting where they come to your location. This is a convenient option for those with busy schedules or who prefer the comfort of personal space.

How long does a car valet service take?

The duration depends on the type of service you choose. A basic exterior wash can be quick, around 30 minutes, whereas a full valet service, which includes deep cleaning both inside and out, might take several hours.

What should I do to prepare my car for valeting?

It’s helpful to remove all personal belongings and any valuables from your car before the valet service. This ensures a thorough cleaning and reduces the risk of misplaced items.