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Car Valets in Naas

Finding a reliable car valet service in Naas can ensure your vehicle maintains not only its look but also its value. Whether you’re looking for a quick exterior wash or a comprehensive interior clean, Naas offers various valet services tailored to meet your needs. Ensuring your car is handled by professionals who use eco-friendly and effective cleaning methods can significantly enhance your vehicle’s look and feel.

Without further ado, here is our roundup of car valets in Naas:

1. Eco Car Wash

  • Website:
  • Location: Monread North Naas, Co. Kildare
  • Email:

Services: Here are the eco-friendly car valet services provided by Eco Car Wash:

  • Exterior Wash: Basic hand wash with a gloss finish and tyre dressing.
  • Valet 1: Includes hand wash, gloss finish, tyre dressing, door frame cleaning, and interior vacuum.
  • Valet 2: Adds cleaning of the dashboard and windows to the services included in Valet 1.
  • Valet 3: Further includes tar removal and wax buffing.
  • Valet 4: Offers additional shampooing of seats and mats.
  • Valet 5: The most comprehensive package, including all the above plus cleaning of door panels, roof cloth, carpets, mats, and fragrance application; vehicle will be required for a full day.

For more detailed information, you can visit their website

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Here are some example prices for Eco Car Wash services:

  • Exterior Wash: €12 for cars, €15 for MPVs
  • Valet 1: €30 for cars, €35 for MPVs
  • Valet 2: €40 for cars, €50 for MPVs
  • Valet 3: €50 for cars, €60 for MPVs
  • Valet 4: €80 for cars, €100 for MPVs
  • Valet 5: €120 for cars, €140 for MPVs (note that the vehicle will be required for the full day for Valet 5)

Customer Reviews

Great experience, Great service, I booked on line and just left my kia sportage with them and I basically got it back like a brand new car, inside and out, they even took the car seat out, everything was fresh and clean inside and out including windows. I will definitely not use anywhere else in the future. Keep it up. – Rachel G

Great service, just dropped my work van in to clean the front cab lads done fantastic job, be back again for sure 👏 – Mark

Full valet.. Car was covered in dog hairs and stained seats. Car came back in same condition the day I bought it 7 years ago. – Cian M

2. Naas Detailing Service

  • Website: Naas Detailing Service
  • Contact: 087 165 5933
  • Email:
  • Locations: Dublin Road Naas, Ireland

Unfortunately, their Facebook page did not provide much information on their services, but they have 50+ reviews. The reviews are mixed, but Naas Detailing Service has some really positive 5-star reviews.

Customer Reviews

Always great job by the lads. Super clean & price. V efficient. Friendly place – Siobhan

Got a mini valet done on short notice. Car looks great and staff was very friendly. Will definitely return in future. Thanks again! – Matt W

Got a full valet and my car is sparkling! It was a total mess when I brought it in and it’s like new – thank you!! – Claire W


  • Website:
  • Contact: 0879284879
  • Email:
  • Location: Mobile Car valet so they can come to you in Naas

Services Offered:

Here are some services offered by Autoluxe as a car valet:

  • Valeting Services: Including interior, exterior, and full valets.
  • Detailing Services: Comprehensive detailing for both interior and exterior, including paint correction and protection.
  • Odour Removal: Specialised treatments for bad odours.
  • New Car Protection: Protection packages for new vehicles.
  • Headlight Restoration: Cleaning and restoring clarity to car headlights.
  • Caravan Valeting: Special valet services for caravans and mobile homes.
polish car

About: Autoluxe provides car valet services across Dublin, covering areas from South County to North County, and includes specific districts like Dublin 1 through Dublin 24, among others. They also offer their services in surrounding counties upon request.

Autoluxe ensures a quick response time for those interested, promising to revert within a maximum of 20 minutes when you complete their online form. This wide-reaching service coverage ensures convenience and accessibility for various customers in and around Dublin.

Customer Reviews

After a summer by the sea with two giant golden retrievers who swam every day and then rolled in muck my car was absolutely filthy. The front was also covered in coffee stains and crumbs and the floors were full os sand. By the time the auto Liz guy was finished it looked brand spanking new – he worked nothing short of a miracle! Would highly recommend. – Ciara B

I am absolutely thrilled with the interior valet the lads did. They did a truly amazing job and got all the dog hair out (there was a lot and looking at it now you’d never know I had a dog!). Really efficient and pleasant to deal with. Would highly recommend – Laura D

I am absolutely Delighted with the job Nik did on my car. It was really destroyed from my Big Newfoundland and I couldn’t bare to face it myself. My car looks totally brand new now and I can’t believe the difference ! Will definitely be returning , thanks lads! 😁 – Fi M

Our Thoughts on Car Valets in Naas

For residents and visitors in Naas looking to keep their cars in pristine condition, exploring the local car valet options is a smart choice. Remember to check for customer reviews and service details to choose a valet service that best fits your requirements and budget. Keep your car looking great and driving smoothly by selecting a trusted car valet service in Naas.

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Car Valet Naas FAQs

How often should I have my car valeted?

You should have a full valet service at least twice a year to maintain pristine conditions. However, you might opt for quarterly valet services if you frequently use your car in environments that lead to more dirt accumulation or wear.

Can I specify particular areas for attention during the valet service?

Yes. Most valet services in Naas are flexible and cater to specific customer needs. If certain areas of your car require extra attention, you can request this when booking.

Can I valet my car at my home or office in Naas?

Yes, several car valet services in Naas offer mobile valeting where they come to your location. This is a convenient option for those with busy schedules or who prefer the comfort of personal space.

How long does a car valet service take?

The duration depends on the type of service you choose. A basic exterior wash can be quick, around 30 minutes, whereas a full valet service, which includes deep cleaning both inside and out, might take several hours.

What should I do to prepare my car for valeting?

Removing all personal belongings and valuables from your car before the valet service is helpful. This ensures a thorough cleaning and reduces the risk of misplaced items.